Games from E3

Well I thought I’d just mention the games and things I’m looking forward to from E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo) in no particular order, I’ll provide a few links for each game.

Please note that if I list which platform it’s on it probably is not the only platform that game is for, it’s just the platform I will probably buy the game for, visit the links for more details. Also note that clicking on the name of the game itself will take you to the official site of that game.

I am also looking forward to the Nintendo 3DS, it’s the sexiest handheld console I’ve ever seen to be honest.

Press Conferences

I’ll provide you with some links to the Microsoft, Nintendo, and Sony press conferences also, all links for the press conferences are to Gamespot. Personally I thought Nintendo had the best press conference.


What things are you looking forward to from E3? Leave a comment!

PS. Anyone like the new image/avatar I have in the top left corner?

Well that’s it for now, I’ll leave you all with the Star Wars: The Old Republic “Hope” Cinematic Trailer, thanks for reading!

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