Best free software of 2011

Another great article from PCMag, this time it’s about the Best free software of 2011.

This one covers over 200 pieces of different software for Windows, Linux, Mac, Portable (software you can put on your USB flash drives) and Mobile (apps for various phones such as android).

You may find that article here.

Like before, I will leave some comments on some of the software in that article that I found to be useful or interesting.

Mozilla Firefox

My Web Browser of choice so of course I was glad to see this made it in that list, with Firefox 4, I’m loving it even more.

Google Chrome

This is another pretty good browser, I still prefer Firefox but this is my second choice for sure.

VLC Medic Player

This is the best media player by far, it will play ANYTHING that you throw at it (as long as it is a music or video file of course)!


This software is absolutely awesome for encoding high quality video with the h.264 codec, the “fr” in its domain is misleading but the site is in English.


VirtualBox is the best software for running Virtual Machines, owned by Oracle, this piece of software is completely free and awesome!

Linux Mint

This “flavour” of Linux caught my eye a few years back but I never really got a chance to try it, for that reason I can’t personally recommend it but after seeing it in PCMag’s list of “The Best Software of 2011” I knew I would have to give it a try soon, I am downloading it as we speak.

Microsoft Security Essentials

Personally I use a paid Anti-Virus called Nod32 but I have used this one and can recommend it.


I use this FTP software exclusively for all of my FTP server stuff, from downloading and uploading things to my personal FTP server at home, to downloading and uploading things to the webspace for this site.


Audacity is… well Audacity is the best free audio editor out there, for a small little tweak to a mp3 file or to editing a raw audio file, Audacity does it all!


Say what you will but this IS the best program for Voice and Video chat over the internet.

Windows Live Mesh

If you have a Windows Live (or “Hotmail”) account this piece of software is awesome for syncing your files to your SkyDrive and other computers.

That’s all for now, thanks for reading!

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