Windows 7 Launch

Well today’s the day, the Windows 7 launch day! I’ve been using the RTM version of Windows 7 for a while now but I’m still excited about today. I have received my pre-order copy of Windows 7 Home Premium, anyone else? Never heard of Windows 7? Well get out from under that rock and check …

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New stuff

I’ve upgraded the software I use for my Gallery page, from SFPG* 3.6.0 to 4.0.0(which can be found here), so far I’m lovin’ it, let me know what you think of it. I’ve also added the smaller and basic Twitter Badge to my sidebar. *Single File PHP Gallery

Toronto Zoo

Well I pretty much just got back from my trip to the Toronto Zoo, I have added 100 pictures that I took while I was there. You can find those here(in the folder named August 8 2009) along with pictures from some of my previous trips to the Toronto Zoo. The Toronto Zoo website is …

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RIAA says “DRM is dead”

Source Finally, it’s about damn time. While I have never bought music off of any electronic stores like iTunes I still feel it was stupid and only effected the legit users. Now we just need to get the DRM off the movies and some of the games.

Two Google related images

Two funny little images I found while on Digg:


Hello and welcome to my website, I figured I would put something as the main page instead of just the boring old index, so I thought I’d use WordPress, take a look at the links on the side. I’m still quite new to WordPress so bare with me as I get more content up, if …

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