Happy Birthday to…

Windows 7! That’s right, today marks the 1st birthday of Windows 7!
While it may not be the most exciting thing to some but to me it is.

Windows 7 was released one year ago from this very day (October 22nd to be exact). Windows Blog is celebrating Windows 7’s 1st year by giving away a copy of Windows 7 Ultimate, along with some other things (see image below, Keyboard not included).
To enter you just have to leave a comment with the 7 things you love the most about Windows 7 on their blog post and your comment will be randomly chosen and published.

I’ll post my 7 here but note I’ve already left a comment on their blog post, try and spot the little comment I left about another Microsoft service.

7. The Aero theme: How can anyone not love this?

6. Calculator: I have to say that this is one of the things that I noticed being a real improvement, very helpful.

5. Aero Snap: Very useful feature, don’t know how I lived without it.

4. The Taskbar: The taskbar in windows 7 is awesome, being able to pin your favourite or often used programs, very useful.

3. Notification Area: This is another one of the things I love about this OS, in previous versions some icons were just stuck out of view (you had to click a button or arrow to reveal them), with Windows 7 you can put all of the icons you want in plain sight and hide the ones you don’t want to see.

2. Libraries: The Libraries feature is just so damn useful, if you visit a folder often you can just make a library to point to that folder and you’ve saved yourself a lot of time.

1. Search: This is just the most awesome thing for lazy people or people that don’t know where everything is, just type in a term and bing comes back what you’re looking for.

You’re welcome to comment on this post and say what you think of Windows 7 yourself, be it positive or negative, I don’t judge.

In Other News…

CnCFPS is shutting down, the owner (Zack) and myself simply don’t have the time, well I don’t anyways. Perhaps it will return in the future, who knows. RIP CnCFPS.

Now I will go back to what I should be doing at the moment, studying for a midterm I have today.

That’s it for now, thanks for reading!

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