First Person Shooter Video Games Could Improve Vision

A study done by Daphne Maurer, director of the Visual Development Lab at McMaster University in Ontario, Canada, suspects that playing First Person Shooter video games could improve vision. You can also check this out  here, for the best gaming servers. The study involved 7 people with poor vision, each person played the FPS game Medal of Honor for 10 hours a week or 2 hours five times a week. Their vision was tested a month later and each person was found to have their vision improved a bit. Maurer also said this could be a sign that the sensory brain can change in adults.

So why does First Person Shooter genre specifically help improve vision? Maurer says “The player has to monitor everything, because the enemy could come from anywhere. The game is fast-paced. You can’t sit back because you will get shot dead.”

Personally I think this could hold some merit as a valid way to (somewhat) improve someone’s vision. At the very least that person might be able to notice little things faster and better and be able to make decisions faster (not sure this would be a good thing though).

Source: New York Times

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